Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starting a New Art Journal

Like many of you ladies out there I am taking part in Janel's 30 Day Journal Challenge. It took me a few days to get into because of my schedule but now that I have started I can't wait to catch up. I don't want to catch up all in one night lest I burn myself out and don't move forward but I think that is part of the pleasure of art journaling in tiny journals. I am actually using an art journal that Janel sent me from back in old days of Happy Mail. It is a 3x5" journal from The Black Apple (with a circus bear on the cover-I am sure that you guys know which one I am talking about). However it doesn't have many pages so I hope to continue this challenge in one adorned with a vicious looking bunny (also from The Black Apple via Janel). So far I have only created in intro page and my goals page:
In case you guys were wondering I use a Pilot G2 gel pen for all of the ink and prismacolor colored pencils for filling items in. 
Obviously I sometimes use scrapbook supplies or ephemera to adorn pages. I like to have no rules on mediums with my art journals. So this is the beginning of a new Art Journal for me. If you are curious to see the rest of them that I have posted online so far here are the links:
My First 30 Day Journal Challenge
Janel's Journaling For A Cause
I Heart Fall
I hope you guys enjoy all of the pages that I have created. I am looking for some inspiration on art journaling so I would LOVE an links or suggestions that you guys might have. I hope your art journals (or whatever current project you are working on) is going great!
P.S. I am working on a short series of posts (because they are all related to each other but too much to post at once) about what has been going on with me lately / caused my decrease in blogging.


Jamie said...

Janel's 30 Day Journal Challenge was my intro into blogging!! I loved it so much I did the I Heart Fall class too which was AWESOME!!
And...I hope everything is Ok and the reasons for your decrease in blogging are GOOD!!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love these pages sooo much

Teddi said...

yay courtney! i like the "no rules, use any medium i want in my journal." that's how i feel too. goals schmoals, are tough for me. whenever i use my prisma colored pencils the facing page gets all colored mucky. do u have this problem, or is it just me?

Courtney said...

Thanks so much everyone!
Teddi-I don't have a problem with the colored pencils but I also make sure to wipe away all of those loose flakes of pigment before I shut the page. I think that could maybe be the issue, no?