Sunday, February 17, 2013

Face Charts / Gold Glitter

This Valentine's Day I opted out of the obligatory pink or red shadow and went balls to the wall gold glitter.
I used loose makeup glitter and eyelash adhesive to pack the glitter on. I had people commenting all day how awesome it looked. I personally don't think the photos do it justice since seeing it in person gives it that sparkle and dimension that makes glitter so awesome.
Products Used: MAC Gold Glitter, Urban Decay Naked Palette, some random purple that was leftover on my blender brush (probably UD Random?), UD 24/7 Liner in Perversion
I'm over my black makeup weeks and ready to pack on glitter everyday. Of course it helps that I work in a more "fashion-y" place where I can get away with it. I was not so precise when using the eyelash glue and it happened to get stuck all over my lashes. Also, you can see (since this wasn't photographed first thing in the morning) that there is glitter fallout throughout the day. I suppose when wearing this much glitter that is to be expected though. The gold is pretty but this is not my favorite look...the purple glitter is where it is at. Next week perhaps?
(Please ignore the unruly brows! I am trying to hold out to the beginning of March where I can get them done for free on my birthday at Benefit.)

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